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Cooling Castle Barn - Dani and Tom

Dani and Tom got married at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent.

The weather was great for Dani and Toms wedding, Everything was setting up and the place was starting to get busy. I headed over to meet the girls for the first part of bridal prep and to get some photos of them getting ready

All the girls were having a great time with lots of laughs, Tom and the guys where helping out setting up the barn and making the final touches. Dani had worked hard on all the details and the room looked fantastic

After spending some time with the girls it was the guys turn to get some grooms prep photos. Tom and the guys all got ready at the venue too so was able to get some great grooms men shots too.

As Tom and the guys welcomed the guests and started to get ready for the ceremony Dani and the girls where starting to finish getting ready and into their dresses.

Dani walked around to the ceremony with her dad and girls ready to get married. Tom was waiting with Best man for her to walk down the isle. The two page boys looked great with some cool signs for Tom to read as they walked in front of Dani.

The ceremony was lovely, rings were exchanged and the bride and groom sealed it with a kiss. After the ceremony it was into the group shots, The venues Toastmaster helped gather the guests so they wasn't cold waiting around. After the group shots we went for a walk around the lovely venue for some bride and groom photos.

It was nearly wedding breakfast time so Dani and Tom had a quick look at the room before anyone came in and i took advantage to get a quick shot of them in the amazing dressed room.

A lovely meal was served, does it get any better Bangers and Mash was enjoyed and then it was on to the speaches. Toms two Best Men, Dani Dad and Tom did the speakign and they was all great.

It was time to get the room ready for the party. The guest went over to the bar area and waited for the room to get sorted, i nipped Dani and Tom out for some evening shots as it was dark before the party really got started

Party time, the disco was going and it was first dance, followed by father daughter dance. It was then full party mode as its the dance floor was full the atmosphere was great.

Dani and Tom, thank you for a great day. Attached is a review from Dani as well and also a link to some more photos for you to look through.

Here is a link to some more photos of there wedding

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